A New Horizon

In 2001 we introduced The Lynes QuikReport Home Inspection system; the Lowcountry’s first digital inspection service with online booking and report delivery. Now, we set a new standard all over again.

As the leader in introducing new technology to the market, Lynes announces we are using the Horizon inspection system developed by Carson Dunlop, one of the largest independent inspection companies in North America. The horizon system is another great step in assuring our clients the most advanced, clear, concise and complete inspection services. We have selected this remarkable new software because it is a step above anything else.

The Horizon is the most innovative systems of its kind in use today. The key benefit to our clients is the  bright, clean and exciting report format that is vibrant and easy to navigate, delivered as an online pdf, downloadable to your hard drive so it’s completely green with no wasted paper.

In the hands of our experienced inspectors, the Horizon system provides a clear description of the features and issues and, behind every page of the report is More Information pages in the form of easy to read articles with and descriptive diagrams from the extensive Carson Dunlop home resource knowledgebase.

An added benefit of the Horizon report from Lynes Home Inspections, three fact-filled reports that included with every report - the Home Reference Guide is packed full of information about how your home works, the Home Set up and Maintenance report is filled with useful information to help maintain your home and the Life Cycles and Costs report is an extensive listing of the average lifespan of equipment and features found in the home and the averaged costs for repairs, remodeling and renovations. All three reports are included FREE.

Our Real Estate partners will appreciate the time-saving benefits of the excusive AgentBook app – Schedule your client’s property inspection in as few as two clicks from your I-phone or Android device.

At Lynes Home Inspections we are passionate about protecting home buyers and sellers and Horizon is one way we continue to provide the most in-depth and comprehensive property inspection services in the Lowcountry.

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