Stucco Siding - The Basics

In the Beaufort County market there are basically two types of exterior siding materials that are often referred to as stucco, although one is not stucco at all. The first is what we call real, hard-coat, traditional or cement stucco which is, in effect, about an inch of concrete on the side of the house. The other type is referred to as synthetic stucco and is also referred to by the acronym EIFS which stands for Exterior Insulation Finish System which is, in effect about a inch of Styrofoam attached to the exterior of the house, thereby the insulating quality, which is then covered by a stucco-like material giving it the appearance of hard-coat or real stucco.

Each type of stucco has its own unique properties and each has its own potential problems. We’re gonna talk about that in our next edition of Ask The Experts.

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