A New Horizon

7 May 2013

In 2001 we introduced The Lynes QuikReport Home Inspection system; the Lowcountry’s first digital inspection service with online booking and report delivery. Now, we set a new standard all over again.

As the leader in introducing new technology to the market, Lynes announces we are using the Horizon inspection system...

Stucco Siding (part 2)

19 February 2013

Today we continue our conversation about cement stucco and EIFS, also referred to as synthetic stucco. As with all siding, moisture is the enemy and the number one culprit of failure is poor craftsmanship therefore it’s important that you are aware of some of the hot spots in stucco – where things...

Stucco Siding - The Basics

1 September 2012

In the Beaufort County market there are basically two types of exterior siding materials that are often referred to as stucco, although one is not stucco at all. The first is what we call real, hard-coat, traditional or cement stucco which is, in effect, about an inch of concrete on...

Polybutylene Pipe - What's the Big Deal?

7 June 2012

Polybutylene plumbing supply pipe - the “wonder product of the 1980’s” has left many homeowners, home buyers and Realtors scratching their heads and in some cases, emptying their wallets. Is there such a thing as good Poly and bad Poly? The answer is both yes and no...

Polybutylene was one...

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